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Rich Horn – Second place in the 165 mile event with a time of , 24 mph average!

This is the first year the wind really cooperated, or should I say lack of wind! Even though I placed second, my time was 30 minutes faster then the previous course record for the 157 mile event.

During the pre-ride expo the night before the race, rumor had it that Brian Folts (Iron Man Triathlete) was talking to everyone saying he was going to win it this year.

Mark Goldentyer, who I knew from rides in Saguaro National Park and Mt. I made a comment: “This is the same Brian that didn’t finish it last year (2011)?

I let him get ahead early on as I was trying to rally some of the other riders.

Caught him in Benson, pulled away on the steep section of I-10, never saw him again. Just hearing someone being so cocky before a race gets me worked up. Don’t get me wrong Brian is a phenomenal athlete, he took first place overall in the Mt.

I started making claims that he would not win this time. Evens race in Colorado (running) a few months earlier.

However most tri’s I’ve ridden with just don’t do as well on the bike so I’m banking this is the same.